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long story short, security. .. why should i trust you too early, when i can attack myself for less dollar successful without much stress ? the block time is 30 seconds, that is a half day in theory. but the re target and difficult adjustment mechanics, are a bit too genereous and not realy strict. ... if the chart which display the Difficulty looks like that. then is whatever happend not realy consistent . thats why <<<<<<<<<<<<<< https://i.imgur.com/SUPhS7F.png <<<<<<<<<<<

post something 3,5,12,50 or even hundred times, doesnt result into hundred or 50,12,5,3 times faster reply or solution or time needed to fix your issue/request/question. you are free to do, but beleive it or not you will miss that minutes or hours some day in the futureClownsgesicht they got read, even if not replied or answered. and your problems get solved even without an message that its solved.

please withdraw rounded amounts to 6 decimal place. works:::> 12345.12345600 works not => 12345.12345678 thank you

hello, high confirmations are for security, if you mine them , its your coin. if you send them to me, its me who take care of it .

its a different coin , here it is Shroud, and not ShroudX

Visit your Deposits page (under Balances at the top of your screen). Generate your Unnamed.Exchange address by selecting the asset you wish to deposit after selecting Deposit at the top right. You will also see the payment ID or destination tag if the asset requires it.

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